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"Animals heel! The White Hand is here!"

-White Hand slogan, sprayed on a wall where a lynching had occurred.

The White Hand is a human-supremacist group, made up of a secret society of powerful and connected

The White Hand.png

humans in Erebor. Purportedly targeting White Fang terrorists, their goal is to protect human interests from the 'animal nature' that is the White Fang. The symbol is derived from the group practice of taking white mud and slapping the mark against their targets, or putting it on the doors of suspected faunus agitators.

Behind the scenes its an entirely different story. They target not just the White Fang, but have also extended it to anyone who speaks for the Faunus and the poverty working class of Erebor. Notable targets have included Dr. Martin King and his wife(civil rights human activists), Brother Francis(Notable Buddhist Monk) as well as several on their side of the fence, who sought to get out of it.

Their members are among the law enforcement, the local government and assorted business people. When out looking for trouble, they dress in body armor emblazoned with the White Hand emblem. Their leader is currently unknown.

Known Members

  • The Butcher: White Hand Enforcer
  • Mr. Baker: White Hand Money launderer
  • Candor Stick: Local Mob boss


  • The White Fang: First and foremost, they despise the White Fang and claim their actions are both retaliation and preemptive strikes against them.
  • Any human who speaks against them.

Areas of Influence

The White Hand primarily rule over Goblin Town, citing it as a place to 'protect their interests'. They also have major influence over the local dust trade and the police force.


  • The White Hand are inspired from Lord of the Rings.
  • Real world influences among others are the KKK, Neo-Nazi and other terror forces.
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