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"Terrorism is the best political weapon for nothing drives people harder than a fear of sudden death."

-Adolf Hitler

The Butcher.jpg

The Butcher is a huntress-level enforcer for the White Hand. Her real name a mystery, she appears on behalf of their interests and performs the most grisly of executions, using her weapon. Currently connected to Candor Stick. She was inspired by Leatherface of slasher fame, as well as the nursery rhyme character 'The Butcher'.


Currently, all information on her is unknown. What is known is that she works for the highest bidder and once they have her contract, follows their orders till the contract is out.

The Clean Sweep[]

The Butchers main weapon is a chainsaw-rocket launcher, capable of channeling dust along its blade for elemental attacks or in its rocket ammo. Its loadouts are fire, ice and electricity.


The Butcher drains aura when she fights. Every blow she makes drains aura and restores her own by a quarter capacity, allowing her to keep going and play the long game with her opponents when doing melee attacks. This semblance does not extend to her ranged abilities. Its also doubled as a method of torture, applying the chainsaw and slowly draining a targets aura till they crack, before the blade slices flesh and bone.

Notable Attributes and Fighting Style[]

The Butcher is a sadistic brawler, fighting for the long game in mind. While she loves the sight of a defeated opponent, when her back is to a wall she tends to retreat. First and foremost, she's a professional and draws on her experience fighting hunters and huntresses.


The Butcher likes money. Its a way of keeping score, but she especially adores getting the better of enemies. She keeps trophies of particularly skilled enemies, in the form of their hands.


  • When angry, she does Leatherfaces 'frustrated dance'.
  • She enjoys Idol music and lolita fashion.
  • Favorite food is steak tartare.