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The Burial Agency is a division of the Church from Type-Moon. Its members are a special form of Inquisitor, whose primary role is to kill demons and other monsters. Made up of eight, powerful members they enforce the will of the Church and recruit anyone so long as they fight for them, rather then against.

The Burial Agency in the Moonlit World[]

Here, the Burial Agency has expanded from eight into a more, global organization. Merging with the concept of Iscariot XIII, they are the main forces of the Church against monsters and are authorized to kill in the name of God should it come down to it. Consequently, they have been derogatorily referred to as 'Executors' by the Accord signatories and the name stuck. An Acolyte is the term given for a Burial Agency trainee.

They are the first line of defense for humans and usually follow the following criteria.

Every member is a man or woman of faith. Mostly Catholic, though they recruit anyone. Second, everyone of the members has some background on which to draw upon- Such as Acolyte Lucifer, who had been trained to be a Hunter of Monsters before applying to join. Or Sister Annabeth Aremeth, who had been a Black Dragon Cartel Enforcer before seeing the light.

While every member of the Burial Agency has a level of training to prepare themselves, they all mostly choose to hone whatever worked best for them before. Father Fenric, a former gunrunner enjoys shotguns. Sister Mercedes uses magecraft. A select minority decides to dedicate themselves to the traditional weapons of the Burial Agency, the Black Keys.

There is at least one Executor per major city. Their responsibility is retaliation for mortal deaths and to act as neutral parties for the Wizarding Communities to prevent in-fighting.

Black Keys[]

The signature weapons of the Burial Agency. They take the form of long and slender rapier-like swords with blades measuring over one meter and extremely short hilts, looking more likely to be used to thrust than slash at the opponent, the blades called into being at the users will. Blessed at every stage of creation, the end result is a potent, spiritual weapon capable of inflicting pain on many dark creatures and nullifying some of their abilities.

Known Members[]

  • Sister Annabeth Aremeth
  • Father Fenric
  • Sister Mercedes
  • Lucifer Matthias Anghelscu(Acolyte)
  • The Red Sister
  • Father Anderson
  • Enrico Maxwell


  • Saint Giles Monastery - The training camp for Acolytes. Located underground London.
  • The Vatican - The HQ of the Burial Agency


  • The Watchers - Monster Hunters, banded together around the Slayers.
  • Paragon University - An experiment in progress, under their watchful eye.
  • The Knights of the Cross - The wielders of the swords of God.
  • The B.P.R.D. - An international organization, akin to Interpol.