Shang Tsung

A powerful, deadly sorcerer and a primary villain in the Mortal Kombat franchise, Shang Tsung is a shapeshifter who needs to consume souls in order to sustain his health and life. In the Mortal Kombat series, he is the epitome of cunning and decadence, as symbolized by his preference for lavish parties, grand palaces, and stylish clothing.

Shang Tsung in the Moonlit World Edit

Shang Tsung in the Moonlit World is an adviser to the mysterious Freeholding Lord in China, known simply as the Khan. A Wizard of the White Council faction in eons past, sometime around the nineteen-forties he defected to the Khan and under the guise of Mao's communist revolution, they began their joint effort to take over China. Under their direction, all the powerful sorcerers and threats to Khans rule were wiped out or exiled, leaving China under the despot rule of the Khan under the puppet rule of the Mundane government.

In terms of the Mundane, Shang Tsung is an international criminal with ties to human trafficking, weapons running and artifact defilement, hiring thugs from various cartels to perform his tasks all over the world. His most infamous and disquieting work to date however, has been the underground blood bath tournament known as 'Mortal Combat.'

Unlike the much renowned World Warrior tournament showcasing the greatest martial artists in the world, Mortal Combat is highly illegal and to the death- Pirated videos of the death matches still circulate online, despite efforts to the contrary. Serial killers, psychopaths and more- Mortal Combat despite authorities efforts continues every five years, hosted by Shang Tsung with an unknown fate for the winners. Its believed the winners are recruited into Shang Tsungs organization and treated like kings.

His known associates are Mileena Khan: Former model and vampire of the Jade Court, Reptile: Lizardman Assassin, Scorpion: Yakuza Wraith, Kano: Leader of the Black Dragon Cartel and Sub-Zero: Ice-Wielding Scion.

He is a cruel, sadistic foe and isn't afraid to go hand-to-hand with an opponent.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Shang Tsung is a wizard with all that power entails. He specializes in psychomancy, 'reading' an opponents mind and crafting a flash-copy to utilize for himself, essentially 'becoming' the person he scans. This enables him to learn vital information, create illusions and replicate fighting moves and techniques.

Areas he's been sighted. Edit

  • Shanghai
  • Hong Kong
  • Thailand
  • Roanapur

Allies Edit

  • The Black Dragon Cartel
  • The Khan
  • The Hong Kong Triad
  • The Jade Court of Vampires