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Systematic Armed Universal Resources & Omniscient Nanotechnology corp. The company is led by Donald Fowl; CEO and specializes in weapons parts and products, catering to the Hunter Demographic as well as attempting to undermine the Schnee Corp. They form the primary superpower in Erebor, opposite the

Vahalla Crest-0.png

Valhalla Academy.

Their emblem is a red eye and they're so rich, they have a district developed just for them and others with lien to burn, which is one of the most protected areas in Erebor, under the Mountain.

Known Members[]

  • Donald Fowl: CEO and secret leader of the White Hand


  • The White Fang
  • Schnee Corp
  • Valhalla, though this is more of a Cold War.

Areas of Influence[]

All of Erebor has some mark of their influence, one way or another.


  • The name is a shoutout to Sauron of Tolkien fame.
  • Their CEO is a caricature of Donald Trump and Donald Duck.
  • You can blame Ronan for this. : |