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"Often, for undaunted courage, fate spares the man it has not already marked"

-Beowulf Saga

Miss Gard is the daughter of Headmaster Kringle and is a first generation graduate of Valhalla. Stern and tough to even out Headmaster Kringles jolly nature, she takes care of the administration and day-to-day running in her role to someday take over the school. Her primary color motif is blue, her legend inspiration is drawn from Beowulf and Valkyrie mythology.


Born a daughter of renowned mercenary and hunter Kringle, Miss Gards first memory is firing the airship gatling gun to cut down Grimm on the snow plains. When Kringle decided to open up Valhalla, she worked hard to become best in her class and afterwards, spent her Huntress career in Grimm hunting before trying her hand at Bounty work.

As a first generation huntress however, the support system wasn't the best and after losing an eye, she would have lost her life had not her father intervened personally. Recognizing that a civil war would destroy the fledgling kingdom, both sides negotiated a truce and Kringle was paid handsomely to retreat back with his daughter, to focus on his school. But he never forgot and began to play the long game, with his daughter as part of his plans.

She loves her father dearly and at his advice, bides her time for revenge. An eye for an eye will come soon enough and when it does?

She'll be ready.


A powerful longbow that transforms into a battle-axe. It fires dust-infused energy bolts and channels various forms of dust via her handle, when she turns it in its axe state.


A semblance that bloomed later in her life, for brief periods of time she becomes impervious to attacks but loses all higher mental processes, becoming more animalistic in her fighting style.

Notable Attributes and Fighting Style[]

She is strong. Immensely so naturally, which her fighting style takes advantage of when in close quarters. Her archery attack style is systematic and refined, based off of on-the-fly tactical planning.

When she invokes her semblance however, all bets are off and its a good bet that she'll beat you with whatever she has handy. Crate, car, weapon, Grimm body part. Why are you hitting yourself? Why are you hitting yourself?!


To raise the next generation of Hunters and Huntresses, get them to learn from her mistakes so they don't make them. To love and help her father, take over his school someday and find out, how exactly he keeps finding the cookie jar when she hides it. Revenge is a thing of course, but the kids come first.


  • Her name is a shout out to another Valkyrie of the same name.
  • Her first name is Linna.
  • The first time she went Berserkergang, she ripped off an Ursa's head with her bare hands.