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"I am the unknown Will, The Anger that threatens glory and ruin:Lord of Storms am I, in heaven high and caverns deep."

-Teutoburg Saga


Headmaster Kringle is an ex-mercenary and hunter, integral in the formation of Erebor and founder of Valhalla Academy. A jovial personality, his school is a combination of rough knocks and deep wisdom when it comes to children being children. His nickname is 'The old Bear.' He claims to have fought in the Faunus Right Revolution with his mercs and as a result, Atlas has something of a grudge against him due to it.

His primary colors are white and red, his inspiration is taken by Odin of Norse mythology and Santa Claus.


Kringle back in the day was a Hunter, who led a band of them for profit, mostly in the bodyguard racket. It wasn't until the Faunus Rights Revolution came about though that his forces came into their own. Fighting for whoever could outbid the other, Kringle never betrayed his employers secrets and fought wherever ordered so long as the money was good. That changed the day he was sent to attack a civilian nest, at which point his mercs turned on their human employers and joined up with the Faunus for good till the end of the war.

After the end, he took his people and a number of others who had lost homes, bringing them to Glaurung where they founded the new kingdom of Erebor. Erebor grew in power and began to attract others, Kringle choosing to focus on his new school. Its corruption today displeases him, though he has a solution for that. This will be the second batch of Hunters and Huntresses his school will produce. Those who were born in this land, who grew up seeing its corruption.

He would be much remiss if he didn't guess one or two of them didn't want to do something about it.


The sword he wears at his belt at all times. No one has ever seen it drawn for battle yet, save for the first generation hunters and huntresses who worked with him as mercenaries.



Notable Attributes and Fighting Style[]



Pass on his experiences and teachings, create a force of Hunters and Huntresses who will fight Grimm and injustice wherever they find it. Have a nice chocolate chip cookie. Maybe more. Oh, a glass of milk would be nice too.


  • Ozpin has been in contact with him. Kringle likes him.
  • Atlas has several outgoing warrants for his arrest still valid for a few years more.
  • He keeps a white wolf named Baldr and the sight of him padding down the hall is a common sight around Valhalla.