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Ghouls: The living dead, created by necromatic magic or by Black Court vampires if they manage to drain all the blood from non-virgins. Immensely strong, they feel no pain nor remorse nor fear. They exist only to devour flesh and retain enough thought to use firearms as well as certain problem-solving skills. They cannot be exhausted and can only be killed if you shoot them in the head. In appearance, they look pale and wasted.

They favor the darkness and places of ambush, older ones displaying a predators cunning for the hunt. There are certain ghouls, ancient who manage to regain their sentience at the cost of devouring brains.These serve as some of the Moonlit Worlds greatest contract killers. As unlike most monsters, they have no real magical weakness, destruction of anything but their heads ensure they'll come back and thresholds have no effect whatsoever. To say nothing of modern weaponry to even the field, used by some.

They are entirely given over to the Hunger and the only way to placate a sentient ghoul is by offering fresh, living meat. Preferably human.


  • Night Vision- Ghouls see in the dark perfectly.
  • Claws- Resembling jagged nails, these are more akin to animal claws in toughness and are designed for disembowelment.
  • Anything less then destruction of the head or heart entirely is useless otherwise to kill them. They feel no pain.
  • Venomous Bite- Their mouths are jagged and like a sharks, poisonous from the corpses they feast on.
  • Without the limiters the human body has to keep it in check, the Ghouls are much stronger and quicker in bursts though over-reliance to a body unused to it ends up hurting them more, though the mindless ones have no qualms when it comes to prey.

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Fighting Methods[]

Recently made ghouls act as classic zombies, seeking only to feed and devour till killed. More older ones are feral, pack animals who come out only at night to hunt and kill.

In Bad Blood, the Ghouls are the latter- Wandering Roanapur by night and underground in its sewers and in the jungle, opting for ambush takedowns before dragging the prey down into the dark.