Dapper Jack

An eldritch abomination, who works as an enforcer for the Ventrue Clan. A surgical sort with a blade, the last time he was unleashed was in 1888, Whitechapel.

He was born in Rome as a Gladiators bastard who first learned blood in the arena. When Rome fell, he

would be ripped to pieces from the frenzied crowd and brought back to life by dark forces, in an attempt by a Sorcerer to claim the pieces of the Empire. Using him as his enforcer, Dapper Jack would learn to enjoy his new body and abilities before being defeated by a group of heroes who sealed him away. During that time in between, the Entity would contact him and offer him rewards for services rendered, which he accepted.

By the time the Ventrue dug him up and retained him for their own, he would be well underway to establishing the will of his master.

Mr. Black in the Moonlit World Edit

Masquerading as a Phonos, in reality 'Dapper Jack' is a Slasher who has worked for the Entity since the Industrial Revolution. His contract is nominally with the Ventrue, through which he can manipulate to use their resources to further his true masters goals. He earned the name 'Dapper Jack' through his debonair manner of killing as well as taking upon the nickname he was best known for in London. His role is that of an enforcer and assassin.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Dapper Jack2

Physically powerful and resilient, Dapper Jack adds on the experience of years and a bloody-minded resolution that renders him immune to psychic attacks. He's resistant to magic and incredibly strong and durable, engaging in fights against vampires and ghouls and emerging the victor. Pain increases his strength and beneath his robes, he's wrapped himself in self-mutilating wires everywhere.

He has a working knowledge of modern weaponry which he uses to advantage. In terms of magical ability, like those empowered by the Entity he's much more powerful in the Nevernever. In the mundane world, he can hide in the shadows and if he concentrates, listen in via whatever shadow of a person he focuses on.

His source of power and connection to the Entity is the Knife. A weapon he killed for in London and has since used in all his missions. Its forged from a fragment of the Vorpal Sword.

Areas he's been sighted. Edit

  • Romania
  • Italy
  • London
  • Hong Kong
  • South America

Allies Edit

  • The Ventrue
  • The White Court